I am a logophile, But i know your tongue better than any other And I fell in love With the way you breathe sonnets into me   TARA NOLAN 2017


A kiss on the cheek

A  nervous wry smile, And compliments on my dress, With a kiss on the cheek  for an old flame, Grazing my skin, An odd uncertainty for Lips which had already tasted my mouth, A tongue which had known mine, And wrapped its self lovingly in dank warmth, Murmured pleasantries, As I inhaled your scent, You… Continue reading A kiss on the cheek



Andromeda, my love, You put to shame every constellation, You are the sky, Lover,  lover, way up high, You have engulfed me, I reside in depths below, Yearning for you. No more. I am joining your celestial status, Oh lover, This one sweet noose will soon make us two -TARA NOLAN 2013