Kerry Woman

You are the Kerry wind, knocking the breath from my careless lungs,
With your blunt exclamations

You are the notes chorussed,  from every war time song, lullaby-esque in your soft  lilt,
Foot tapping expectantly in memory

You are the half empty bottle of rose at christmas, and the midday sherry drink,
Swigged agreeably with a brazen smirk

You are my smile, in photographic blissful memory my twin, in the crinkling of our eyes,
A genepool of beauty you sighed,

The Dennehey family name in my bloodstream
Leaving traces, imprinting me with you

We shall sing, and we shall drink along with gaelic tunes in homage to the heritage you bestowed upon me,
And the Angels will greet you
You will walk along the craggy cliffside,
Where a tornado of love will follow you, evermore.

God now will hold you in his palm,
What sweet sanctuary,
You have become the ocean that you left in 1940-
A safe haven for bare toes on sand, along the whitewashed shore,

Oíche mhaith, codladh sámh
Dia leat



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