Flares and why everyone should wear them

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a deep passionate love for flares. Summer, winter, spring, autumn, smart, casual, festival… flares are my go to.

So many people think they can’t pull them off, or don’t have the confidence to wear such a statement piece. But believe me you can wear them, and you should! And here’s why…

  • A good fitting pair of flares will make your legs look long and lean (great for someone who is barely 5ft3…like me).
  • Your booty is gonna be poppin’. Trust me on this one!
  • They are the comfiest trousers ever, and add touch of class that leggings, although yes equally comfy can’t quite do…lets be honest.
  • You won’t show up to a party and see 6 other girls wearing basically the same outfit as you
  • They’re just rad tbh…and are an element of effortless style.

A statement pair of black flares are a must for every wardrobe, as you can dress them up or down, and they are so versatile. Patterned flares are fantastic for the summer, lightweight, comfy, and effortlessly stylish. Flared jeans are a controversial topic but I think they’re awesome- I’m currently on the look out for a pair. So keep your eyes peeled for even more flare inspired outfits.

Here are 3 of my favourite flares looks… (believe me there’s plenty more where these came from, but if I made a compilation of all the times I’ve worn flares we would be here forever)



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